• Pro-Bono Logo Redesign For My Alma Mater

    Case Study:

  • Background

    Our Creative Director launched his design career in high school with a cover for the student handbook. The design featured a digital adaptation of the School's official seal that's actually still in use, nearly two decades later. That's pretty cool! But of course, his design chops and technical precision have come a long way since those humble beginnings. So we volunteered our time to give the community a professional and well-crafted logo they can use for another few decades.

  • Original logo

    Through the years, there have been several iterations of the School's official seal. This placard was the inspiration for Andy's early work, shown to the right. I believe each of those letter was individually rotated and spaced.

    Look, there it is!

    Since originally using the logo on my student handbook covers, it's continued to be used on everything from awards & certificates, to signs and this podium placard at right.


    Yep, that’s former NFL cornerback and Springbrook alumnus (‘93), Shawn Springs, at the podium with my novice logo. Credit: SHS Athletic Booster Club


    There it is again

    The more I looked, the more places I discovered the logo. From the School's website, to Facebook and Twitter, and even wikipedia at one point.

    Precise details

    Besides not having much polish or refinement, the original logo was lacking fine details. So we were super focused on the smallest of details, to make sure the logos would reproduce well at any size.

    Complete set

    With so many potential use cases for the logo, we ultimately produced this series of logos to allow greater flexibility. Besides a standard two-color logo, we included a one-color option as well as a simplified version for lower fidelity uses. We even made isolated versions of the shield.

    Logo Guide

    To help School administrators, staff or students make sense of the three-dozen file assets, we included this digital guide. We displayed the various logo versions, explained the different colors, and different file formats.

  • Mobile-Friendly Rebranding

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  • Still Curious?

    We'd love to tell you more about our work and answer any questions.